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The shy and gentle Boston Terrier,  was being harassed by rough, neighboring dogs near his home in Oundle, England. When his mistress was asked to bottle-feed an abandoned lion cub, she brought it to the Boston for company. They became close friends, and Sylvia, the lion cub, became very protective of the Terrier. The aggressive dogs in the district gave the pair a wide berth, and at last, finally free of their bullying and happy with his beloved Sylvia, would now often
 smile and laugh. 
Joe Mack and wolf pup.

 When a silent-weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts/adapts 
 to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives 
 until the pressure (psychological via economic) becomes too great and
 they crack up.   FROM: BEHOLD A  PALE HORSE 
As you know, I attend Weight Watchers.
I'm only one of two or three guys, subsequently I have lots of time to observe the female members.
Have you  noticed...women, when not smiling and nodding encourgment, seem ready( at any moment) to burst into tears?  It's  what I see when I look into their eyes.

'Prim and Proper Dr. Laura
If "I " wrote Geena Davis' Commander and Chief...
Darling...I'm late for a meeting with the Joint Chiefs...would you please check the  seams on  my stockings?" 
France: Muslims Rampage in Paris Ghetto

Scene described as "civil war" by police. French army mobilized. Mainstream media downplays horrific event.
HUNDREDS OF MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS from North or Central Africa fought with police and set cars ablaze in a Paris ghetto early yesterday morning in a second successive night of rioting.Firefighters extinguished more than 30 burning cars and dozens of trash containers that had been pushed into makeshift barricades on Friday night and Saturday morning as running battles in the streets pitted 250-300 riot police against 400-600 "hooded youths" armed with Molotov cocktails and other missiles.
When I was in Paris last year, I saw these Africans. Of course, my (progressive) tour guide corrected me, stating we are ALL Frenchmen! I was not, of course, convinced...
He seemed to believe that once a person steps on French soil, he assumes the nationality and customs of the host Country. One minute he's running away from lions and cheetahs, and the next day he's, discussing Rousseau and Existentialism, at an out-door cafe.  Hmmm.  Joe

The theory behind Section-8 Housing is that, if you
 move-in and subsidize poor black residents to 
majority-white communities; THEY will  (soon) take
 on the traits and customs of the middle-class whites. 
 Often-times...I mean, 100% of the time, 
the exact opposite occurs... 
                         I GET LETTERS! I WISH I                              RECIEVEDMORE...
Shame on you. You have not learned what most civilized western nations have realized: that capital punishment is
 immoral, ineffective (in terms of deterring crime), and incredibly costly when you consider legal delays, retrials, etc.  Wake up, Joe. You need to become better informed before you preach to others.
But I still like you.Tom Hennessey,  Press Telegram
Dear Tom,
Who's talking about ineffectiveness, the cost, and other (societal) variables?
I just want Blood Vengeance, revenge and payback! 
I never EVER considered whether capital punishment is (in any way) a deterrent. My goodness, it never
 crossed my mind!  Joe    PS. I am delighted to know you like me!
I really love this image....
Sure, the image turns me on, but then, I have a hair-trigger libido!
I've read and heard, Miss. Ann Coulter and she sounds just like a garden-variety, neo-con Republican to me. 
My theory is, as the "Majority" become more and more, cowardly and wishy-washy, those folks whom make the most mildly brave and/or controversial statements will appear larger than life, HEROIC!
One of the greatest minds of the last Century, Ayn Rand, author of Atlas ShruggedThe Fountain Head, and many more, didn't need to wear mini-skirts  to attract attention..
"leggy" Ann Coulter


3141 E 4th St, Long Beach, 90814      

         (562) 434-9627
He has  notes, (mini-reviews) 
on display from satisfied customers.  Joe
I watched a TV special a few nights ago. Gathered together were a dozen mothers, of soldiers killed in Iraq. Their commitment to the "cause" was to a man, (I mean, wo-MAN!) tentative...

Neo-Con Politico's are all saying, "We have to  finish the job." code for: I don't care how many mother's sons need to die. We aren't leaving until we get  the enemy's, Unconditional Surrender. 

During World War II, (the so-called good war)
G.I.'s HATED to hear the words, Unconditional Surrender. Because that meant, a negotiated truce would not be considered; and they'd be sent back into the meat-grinder.    

Did you know...that through-out history, most, (a great majority of) wars were settled without a clear-cut winner in order to stop the carnage. Why hasn't it been done in this century?   Joe
I love these images, too!    Joe
I have a favorite Pornography story...
A lady once told me,

 "You know, Joe...I'm not particularly offended by 
Adult-Movies...I just can't understand what the woman is getting so excited about!

I thought that was sooooo funny!   Joe  :) 
 Commander and Chief
      (a critical review)

Sure, I still like the show, especially Geena Davis' big lips. However, lately she's been wearing too many pant-suits. I prefer her in skirts and 
high-heels. Joe
Where do I begin?

I truly think Neo-Con Ann Coulter has lost it!
Miss. Coulter, (apparently) sees herself as Ayn Rand's philosophical-heir. 
I have read all of Rand's books, and have leafed-through some of Coulter's. 
I'm not saying Ann doesn't get-off a couple of good lines. But the wannabe beauty-queen is way out of her league! Though I do think she'd make a 
good stand-up comedienne...
Now she offers herself as an arch-type for feminine beauty! (see ad) 
I'm not certain who would buy such a poster...I suppose the "sheeple" 
who listen to (Republican-apologist extrordinnaire) Sean Hannity 
might be her target customer-base. 
One must wonder what she imagines the boys will do with her image?
 I can well imagine a young person's mother finding the poster in her 
son's sock drawer along with other sensational images!
Ayn Rand didn't need to appear in a thong, or low-cut blouse to sell, Atlas ShruggedThe Fountain HeadWe the Living, nor her other writings. 

Apparently, Miss. Coulter, does!    Joe Mack   
It has been my experience that the RIGHT-WING will screw their supporters much more often than the LEFT.
 I prefer to be conservative when I use stastistics, so I'll just put the number at, 100% of the time!  Joe Mack  "sadder but no wiser"
 You can have Ann Coulter...I'll take the comely Alessandra Mussolini! 
She not only   shares her famous grandfather's last name. She also resonates some of his 
Nationalist beliefs. What a woman!
Joe  :) 

The next time a politician dares say, 
"This is a Nation of immigrants"...Or, "My parents were immigrants and came here, legally!
Those people should be shouted-down...or worse!  Joe 
 Tom Hennessy, columnist wrote an article: Are they waving the wrong flag?
No, Tom, they're not. Unlike most Europeans, other races understand and appreciate their, "Racial-States."  At this time,the United States needs to be separated into Ethno-areas, (to coin a phrase), with fences, a la gated-communities, a stern-guard at the entrance. That is the only way to preserve our nation. Perhaps a new name is needed, The United 
(Balkanized for your protection) States of America.   Joe
Mexican Aunchluss

The woman on the left is, Jackie Johnson, my favorite weather-girl; she's on Channel 9.
I don't know who the other hottie is...

A lady I know told me Jackie's "boobs" are OBVIOUSLY fake! What do you think?  Joe 

There is no greater War Novel than John Steinbeck's,
The Moon is Down.
It made me understand the futility of foreign occupation.
Particularly when one's intentions are, good.  Joe
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper...
T.S. Eliot: The Waste-land
I have been making fun of Ann Coulter (scroll down my site) going so far as to call her a "poor-man's" Ayn Rand

I find that I can now, not even "lust"  after Ann. 

She said recently that the Michael Vick affair was not as important as what is done to people.

Screw you, Ann!
"You like me! "You really like me!" Sally Fields/Joe Mack
You are an comment and criticize fairly.....and show unique courage in the invitation and expression of ideas.  AND you run a pretty good E Salon which I am sure would have been quite the rage of Paris in the it is today......Dave Radford
Tyranny is for the tired.......Dave Radford
 "Oh, capitalism shall never again flourish as once it did. Capitalism has been almost taxed out of existence in an effort to meet the coupons and the bonds, in an effort to meet the dole system that is absolutely unnecessary in a country of our wealth.

And democracy? All we who twenty years ago entered a war to fight its battles to make the world safe for democracy...
Somebody must be blamed, of course. But those in power always forget to blame themselves. They always forget to read the Constitution of the United States of America...

 Perhaps, despite the advice of Washington of  no foreign entanglements, despite the passage of the Jansen Act, which forbids us to lend money to those who already have borrowed it and who have not returned their loans, perhaps despite those things, some way, some miraculous way shall be found to project America into the next maelstrom. 
And democracy once more, thinking that it has power within its soul, shall rise up to clap and applaud, because the youth of the land is going abroad to make the world safe for what? Safe for dictatorship?  Or safe, safe for the international bankers?"
This speech was delivered in the '30's. I think Father Coughlin could have made this very same speech, today.

Maybe we should listen to him... 
I remember in the late 80's, as the Soviet Union was dismantled. It seemed to me the world was safer, at last...
My daughters were approaching College age,and I honestly didn't know how I'd be able to help them with the high tuition. I talked to them about joining the military. Free tuition after their service seemed a fair trade and a prudent move. Happily, my children, unlike me are certifiable genius' and earned full tuition to Ivy League Schools.
As I view this image, I shudder in horror, had I been successful in getting them to sign up!
I want nothing to do with the defense of "other" countries. And, I have no argument with people who do. I merely want truth-in-advertising (i.e. We can't cut-and-run)  from the United States Administration.
G.I. Jane,
 with her teddy-bear.
 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Bingham called his mother early Tuesday morning from Flight-93
He began their conversation with the words, "Hi Mom. This is Mark Bingham,"
I can not imagine a situation where I would call my own mother and say,
"Hi, Mom. This is Joe Mack."  Can, you?
Why I could NEVER vote for this jerk! has nothing at all to do with all the Hispanic illegal aliens in Los Angeles. They were there before this Mayor, will be there after, and I predict an Mexican-Anchluss will soon make the whole issue, moot...
I was in my car on the 110 freeway. It was hot...real hot! Thank-god for A/C and my sirrius-radio. I had on Howard Stern, and when I got bored with him I switched over to the all-Musical channel.   "Oh what a beautiful morning..."
Still...the heat was over-bearing and I felt myself begin to "stick" to the seat.
Anyway, it is ALWAYS crowded on the freeway. You don't get used to it, but you adapt. However, Villaragosa made it worse one day. 
Rosa Parks' death was announced. I couldn't care less.  The Mayor thought it would be a nice gesture to CLOSE-DOWN part of the freeway so interested black-people could stomp down the underpass in a commemorative parade during rush-hour, which is pretty much, 24/7! That REALLY burned my butt.  
But, I am not without regard of my fellow man. This guy ALSO ordered that City bus' keep one seat unused to commemorate Park's famous bus ride! And 
the bus' are chock-full of people, legal and otherwise!
Hey...I'm no people-lover...but even I could not be so heartless,  
 and thoughtless!  
        In 1939, Sir Oswald Mosley said:

"At last, we have had enough.  We are here to tell them there is something for them to do here in Britain ... 
Enough we have had of alien-quarrels, enough of threats of foreign war, enough diversions from what matters to the British people, our own land, our own Empire and our own problems. 
We say to the parties tonight, 'If any country in the world attacks Britain, then every single member of this great audience of British Union would fight for Britain!
But just as straight this too we tell them, 'We fight for Britain, yes, but a million Britons shall never die in your Jews' quarrel.
And before you drag a million Englishmen to doom, we of British Union will sweep you by the declared will of the British people from the seats of power that you disgrace'..."

Well, I guess we all know how that debate ended...
Lots of British men as well as others were sent into the 
meat-grinder of war and became, HERO'S.
Tantamount to blowing oneself up to become a MARTYR.
It is unfortunate that so many of us allow ourselves to be defined and ordered about by other people.
Has the title of husband and father (lately) become mundane? 
Is world-wide Liberation-politics an activity in which you'd wish your child to engage? In America, have we reached a point where the simple desire for
self-preservation is considered a selfish act?   Joe
This famous WW II photo reminds me of something. 

Do you know why Prize-Fighters hug at the end of their fight?

Because they're grateful it's over. 

 "He whom you cannot teach to    
 fly you must push that he may fall faster."
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, if he ever became the supreme decision maker in his country, would "sacrifice half of Iran for the sake of eliminating Israel," 
Half of Iran?
Gee, I wonder how the residents who own homes in that half of the country feel about it!  Joe
loathe the day women stopped wearing hose...and I pray stockings one day, again, become fashionable!
PS: I don't sit around thinking about politics all day!
The "straw man" tactic, where an intellectually dishonest proponent sets up some ridiculous claim, which he attributes to "conspiracy theorists", and then proceeds to knock it down. This tactic is well-known to intelligent people.
I find the statement important, and helpful when listening to Politico's  Joe.
Paris Hilton is urging women around the world to join her in her "no sex for a year" pledge.

Oh no! The War in Iraq, global warming and now, this!!!
Making sense of it all?! 
 Our social and cultural temperature can be taken from these two 'readings.'  
1.  The depression and WWII generation parents believed that job # 1 was to teach character.  The boomer generation and beyond FEEL that their child's 
performance is their primary parental obligation 
2.  Today's society deals in the realm of the individual.      It is my body I will do 
what I want      Doing my own thing   It's my right.............      and so on 
      Yesterday's generation dealt in the collective;  will my actions embarrass 
anybody:       Family,       School,       Church,       Job,       Community. 
Perhaps the truth is that freedom no matter how practiced will eventually 
consume itself.  This conflagration is a result of relativism in a world that needs 
the absolutism of truth. 
God is dead....Nietzsche 
I don't see God....Soviet cosmonaut 
We are more important than Jesus....the Beatles 
These icons of their generation thought they had it they are
 trivia questions. *********
I certainly would not build my house on the shifting sands of today's culture.
  The culture-nazis are not even close.    Dave Radford 
Joe, you caught me just right.....YOU always make me think
'What's human sacrifice, if not sending guys off to Iraq for no reason?'...
Mel has it half right...
I believe sending our boys into the meat-grinder is a needless sacrifice, as it is not for our own defense.
As for the war having no reason...that is absurd!
Certainly there is a reason, simply not ours!  I.E. American citizens
The Moon is down by John Steinbeck
The Lottery by Shirley Jackson
  Bill O' Reilly is getting 
   creepier and creepier...
   If it wasn't bad enough; his paying Millions of $$$ to a   female-subordinate to whom he made dirty (threatening) phone calls. 
NOW,  he is begging his listeners to buy his new book, Culture Warrior 
in the most despicable (dishonest) manner possible.
Today, the  low-life said he understood how times are tough and 
money is tight...
HOWEVER...if the listening "sheeple" bought his tome, they would be (publicly) sticking-it to the Secular-progressives,
subsequently saving Western Civilization!!! What an ass-hole!!!
Bill is single-handedly, (Well, if the truth be known, he has lots of help.) rushing America to the abyss by putting otherwise good Americans to sleep, and getting them to waste their money.
 I pray the conned catch on, quick!     Joe Mack  

used to think it odd when soldiers called what they did, "A job." I've changed my mind. It certainly is, just a job. It certainly isn't a quest to make us safe. Oh, I suppose in the days when the Calvary were fighting blood-thirsty Indians, a la John Wayne (making the plains safe for the settlers) it wasn't just a job. The soldier's friends, family and for that matter, Western Civilization were at stake. America's safety and traditions are still at sake, but our government is no longer looking inward.
Thus,  thanking the poor G.I. struggling and dying in foreign lands is tantamount to thanking a white-child, (recently raped at an inner-city school), for promoting and joining  the Army-of-DIVERSITY!
It is sad how earnestly middle-America grasp at George Bush and the Republican party. As Bob Dylan sang, "You know something's happening but you don't know what it you...Mr. Jones."
The sheeple feel if they pray to their Christian god, play by the rules and vote against the Democrats things will eventually settle down and get better. The unlucky ones hear the Neo-con's tell them that their young son or daughter was slaughtered because someone hates our Freedom...what ever the hell that means.And, they repeat the cadence: "We can not cut and run."
 Days, maybe years later, late at night in their child's old room, they wonder what would have happened... if the country would have really been much different if some despised cut and run Democrat had been in charge and we had got us out of Iraq just before her off-spring got snuffed.
Tantamount to the old show business line, "The show must go on!" Yes, I guess the money men have lots invested in the production. The "shekel" peddlers forever framing the debate. There's a line from The Producers: "Whether it's politics or history...The thing you gotta know is...everything is show biz!"
And I suppose that's true, the flags and marching, not to mention a big brass band and the body bags.
There's no story here...I just like the image.  Joe
 "That we are to stand by the President right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."   Theodore Roosevelt
                     IF IT'S OF ANY COMPENSATION

It's impossible for me to imagine the despicable people in power 
are there by accident. 
I am convinced that [THEY] are having their strings pulled by 
shadowy-powers behind the scenes.
Recently a TV interviewer, Tim Russert, asked 
George W. about his membership in Skull and Bones.
The President said he couldn't talk about the secret-society because it's secret!
I guess we can assume it's not just some collegiate social-club.
Under the circumstances, it almost seems silly to study your (handy)  voter guide...
Though, as I'm oft to say, "For some people, slavery is a good career move."
And, who are sheep to question the directives of the shepherd?
It may be illuminating to consider: Why in this Age of Anxiety is  the government always touting drug-free venues.

Perhaps our leaders prefer us to always be in a state of panic. Joe 
"The undeniably feeble-minded should, indeed, not only be discouraged but prevented from propagating their kind."

Margaret Sanger Founder: 
Planned Parenthood
                            They return to their original mission.
1. Free higher education for all, with a mental test instead of the tuition test. If men in the army can be fed, boarded and clothed while we teach them how to kill, we can do as much for our best minds while they are being trained to live.

2. Employment for all by the shortening of hours.

3. Full compensation for veterans.

4. Old-age pensions.

5. Great national development programs to absorb the unemployed.
As you know, I'm a big fan of
 Father Coughlin. Check out what a contemporary, Huey Long had to say.  God! If only such men were running, now!  Joe
It is always better to know why you are being blown to smithereens. And I'm not so bold as to say there is anything wrong with any particular reason... A country, and/or  person (mostly) get to decide when and for what cause they put their youth/themselves into harms way..

Perhaps we should all take a breath...stop and consider whom should be allowed to yell,

You're gonna die, anyway. Whether it's a big-deal/good-reason, (or not), depends entirely on you, 
or that person you allow to choose.  Joe Mack
It is, not, what might have been...

Rather, it is what should have been.

Thanksgiving day, 2008, Joe Mack among the African-Americans. No, not the U.S. variety...these folks were (mostly) right outa, NIGERIA...

Springs of Hope Ministries is located at, 1925 Pacific, Long Beach CA in the 6th District. I met the minister a few months ago after reading about him in the Press Telegram. He and his congregants were in the process of getting kicked-out of his property due to licensing and other reasons, among them: over-crowding, frightening the local white-people (with their native-clothing), and killer bees!

When he was forcibly ejected from a Tuesday night Council-meeting, I felt compelled to meet him.
I find that if Politico's don't like you, you're probably not only a nice guy but most likely doing the right thing, as well! 

The service was very touching, to me, personally.A particularly nice ceremony had the children presenting their parents with gifts of appreciation; along with spouses pubicly pronouncing  affection and thankfulness for one another. 

Rev. Lasisi preached earnestly and personally about gratitude that resonated with all in attendance and me in particular. I am very grateful for REAL friends, among whom I am happy to count the Rev. Thanks to his generous donation ($$) my Long Beach site will soon be up and running. And I am coming back with a vengence!!!   
Ever the show-man...I performed, as well. 

The theme was gratitude, so I sang,
My Favorite Things, from The Sound of Music, 

as well as,  (I'm dreaming of a) White Christmas...

 I couldn't help myself!  

Wounded British soldiers to get millions in compensation.
Hundreds of troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan are to be awarded millions of pounds in compensation following a ruling by the Government that they are victims of crime not war.

I applaude the Brits! I think our U.S. Soldiers (in combat) should recieve comperable compensation.
And I don't care whether it's called, war, or a crime.  Joe
                                           I'll never say, "God save the Queen."
                                                          but I will cry,
                             "God save Western Civilization!"

I just arrived back from London.
When I got off the plane at Heathrow and walked through the terminal, I saw lot of signs which read: Not everyone in the world thinks the same. "or" Wouldn't the world be a boring place if we all thought the same.
Uh oh...I thought.
The first Englishmen I met were, Muslim, Pakistani and African, not a white man in sight! That changed when I got out of the Customs line.
Not that most of the people I met were not pleasant. Not at all! It's just that...well, let me put it this way.
If I ever visit Africa, I'll expect to see lots of black-people, Lions, zebras, et al.
Former General Wesley Clark recently said, "Ethnically pure States are a thing of the past." 
I must ask, why?
Part of a country's charm is that it's people and culture are different from what one's used to.
Westminster was overwhelming. I have never seen such a cathedral. It was the final resting place to many Kings and Queens. I was less impressed with them than the writers and scientists they also housed. One of my favorite Englishmen, Oscar Wilde was honored on a stained glass window. Of course, he died and was buried in Paris.
I was unhappy it took two dollars to make a pound.
I was complaining to a cabbie, he replied, "Well, mate...that's your fault, isn't it?"
Yes, I thought. Yes! It is, "our" fault! All true patriots have much work to do.   
Hi Joe:

Glad to see you made it to England and back safely.
Here is a column I did about you for Lewsis News
Bill Gibbons
The Populists American invites you to meet Joe Mack. Joe Mack is, in the eyes of the politicos in his home town of Long Beach, CA,, “a renegade”, because he is working to expose the politicians for what they are, SCUM. Joe goes about his work with humor and enthusiasm and this is something that is vital when one gets involved in political reporting. A keen sense of humor is necessary; because of the kind of people you are writing about and dealing with. Joe has discovered: that you cannot trust a politician any further then
you can see him and you cannot be sure that you can trust him that far.
Last Halloween, some black youths attacked three white girls and may have killed them had they not been stopped by an adult black man. In reporting on this incident Joe had this to say, “I find it particular odd, that only
black-people: the witness, the guy who broke up the fight, and now, Najee Ali (a Muslim) are coming to the aid of the white-victims with desperately needed condemnation of the creeps who perpetrated this outrage.

“I know little about Muslims, except I could never ever be one as they think
dogs are unclean.” Joe said: “I am a SWORN-ENEMY against any group that supports attacks on INNOCENTS.” Who in his right mind could ever find anything wrong with that statement? But in the liberal mind, the attackers are due more sympathy then the victims.Joe went on to say, “The Mayor, Bob Foster, by condemning entities who
report the horrors, instead of those who instigate horrors should make him a one-term wonder. However, "what's love gotta do...gotta do with it? “Certainly not love of constituents, more love of money and an opulent life
style. And there is NOTHING wrong with that!  But, if you are going to have control over people's lives then your lack-luster efforts on their behalf puts their BLOOD on your hands.” You have to like a fellow like Joe Mack, he
sees the problem and goes after the cause of the problem and that is what we need more of in this country

The black man that rescued the white girls from the attackers is not goingtestify and who could blame him. Joe Mack said, “The City is raising money for the victims as well as the attackers! As cynical as I am...I even find
that one hard to believe! His wife is angry...and scared. They have kids, after all. The only one who is supporting him, (it seems), is God!  Joe Mack is witty and on the ball in foreign policy matters as he is in
local matters. His is a refreshing voice in politics and one that we should all support and encourage to go on to bigger things. Joe makes a very good point in this brief message, “That creep, Newt
Gingrich was chatting with, useful-idiot, Sean Hannity. A European visit was being discussed, and Newt told Sean to ask the Europeans how they would have felt if the Soviets had won the Cold-War. “I couldn't help but think of the thousands of Americans (not to mention MILLIONS other people) who died because Stalin,  was successful in
WW II.   The atrocity was allowing the Soviet Union to move in and take over all of Christian Eastern Europe, including the Balkan countries. We gave up more territory and imprisoned more people, then we freed from Hitler and Germany. This prompted us to say: that we fought WW II to make the world safe for communism.

Joe Mack had this to say about Iran and their president, “I sure as hellwouldn't want to live in Iran. I could never live in a country who's dominate religion: Muslim, considers dogs, unclean. “(This  guy is doing the U.S. a great big favor holding this Holocaust Forum. “His motivation, undoubtedly hatred of the Jews is an unimportant factor. I
care about the West and freedom of Speech.  “I am horrified to know that certain topics of discussion are verboten in many parts of Europe. That a person can and is often thrown in jail forquestioning how many Jews were killed in concentration camps. “I must reiterate...I don't give a @#*-damn how many, 6,000,000, or a
million. [If you google Auschwitz, you will note that over the years the powers-that-be have been moving the number, downwards]  “I also don't care if some guy believes the earth is flat, we never went to
the moon, 9/11 was in inside job, etc. For me a great deal of pleasure in life is open, free inquiry.) 
“I think for American's particularly, condemning governments who condemn free-speech is a sacred duty.” We agree Joe and it is sad to say: that the US is the only nation in the world with a First Amendment, which as you know is the free speech amendment. It is, also,  sad to say that morons like Sen. Teddy Kennedy and most, if not all democrats are trying to kill that sacred right of the American people, by giving us “HATE CRIME” laws like they have in Canada, Australia, and most European countries.

Joe continues with free speech and a politicians view point: Gingrich and freedom of speech: MANCHESTER – “Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich yesterday said the country will be forced to reexamine freedom
of speech to meet the threat of terrorism. ...said a ’different set of rules’ may be needed to reduce terrorists' ability to use the Internet and free speech to recruit and get out their message.  “We need to get ahead of the curve before we actually lose a city, which I think could happen in the next decade,’ said Gingrich.” Joe replies: “This creep, thought by some in the Republican Party to be an intellectual should have been shouted down, or worse. As per losing a city...has he been in Detroit, lately...or for that matter, Flint, Michigan?  “We are losing cities yearly, and Free-Speech, i.e. and the fault is not condemning leaders who permit slums, crime and illegal immigration to occur.” Joe Mack, on men and women pulling the puppet’s strings, “It's impossible
for me to imagine the despicable people in power.  “It’s impossible for me to imagine the despicable people in power are there by accident. I am convinced that [THEY] are having their strings pulled by shadowy-powers behind the scenes. Recently a TV interviewer, Tim Russert, asked George W. about his membership in Skull and Bones. The President said he couldn't talk about the secret-society because it's secret! I guess we
can assume it's not just some collegiate social-club.” You are right Joe and we have had much to say on this subject over the years. We have told our readers many times, who are pulling the political puppets strings and have presented undisputable evidence to that fact on our Populists American web site. 
Joe Mack on the neo-con mouth piece: “Bill O' Reilly is getting   creepier and creepier...    “If it wasn't bad enough; his paying Millions of $$$ to a female-subordinate to whom he made dirty (threatening) phone calls.
“NOW, he is begging his listeners to buy his new book, Culture Warrior in the most despicable (dishonest) manner possible. “Today, the low-life said he understood how times are tough and money is
tight... “HOWEVER...if the listening ‘sheeple’ bought his tome, they would be (publicly) sticking-it to the Secular-progressives, subsequently saving Western Civilization!!! What an ass-hole!!!  “Bill is single-handedly, (Well, if the truth be known, he has lots of help.) rushing America to the abyss by putting otherwise good Americans to
sleep, and getting them to waste their money. “I pray the conned catch on, quick!”  As you can see Joe Mack has a firm grasp of what is going on in the world. It is hard to get anything past him. This is a great gift, to be able to
spot a phony and a liar and Joe has that gift. Naturally we do not share every thing he says, but over all we support him all the way to the end. We seldom agree with every thing any man says and that is as it should be. Weurg e you to visit his web site and support him to grow bigger and more
powerful in his effort to wake up the country to the danger we are all
facing today. The voice of freedom needs every sane voice we can get,
because every voice has a certain number of readers and the more the

Keep up the good work Joe.     Bill Gibbons
I have often said, anything good about me is because of my sainted Grandmother's influence. Jovita Aguilar loved animals most of all. 
She was Catholic and had statues of the Virgin Mary and most, (if not all) of the Saints through-out her big house.

I went to Catholic school and was an Altar-boy For a very short time I stayed at the Dominguez Seminary and considered becoming a Claritian-Priest.  Until, sex, reared it's "ugly head," so to speak...
I got into various Christian denominations through the years. Mostly because some girl-friend or other was a member. They didn't, stick!
So, I've been stumbling my way alone, an existentialist; defining myself for the most part and if not happier for it, at least, accepting.
Over the last few months I have had 2 men influence me for the better. Ministers both, Rev. Lawrence Lasisi, and Mr. Bill Gibbons. 
I wonder if I'll re-gain my faith? I appear to be 
losing-the-world,anyway...     Joe
One of my favorite Attorney's who defends the innocent with, dogs!:
You cannot teach some people anything, because they already know so much that is not true.  
 Bill Gibbons

You are so right, Bill! I think all of us, me included need to loosen up a little, un-clench our jaws and allow the fresh air in and the bad air, out! 
Have you read Wilhelm Reich's great book/rant: LISTEN LITTLE MAN?'

                                                LOVE CINDY SHEEHAN!

Oh sure...she is often seen with creeps like, Jesse Jackson. And, she is all-over-the-map, as per America's problems: George Bush, the neo-cons, the Jews, the Republican's, the Democrats, the list goes on and on...
Yet in my mind she is VERY clear. 
As she thrashes about she questions EVERYTHING...with clarity! 
As I recall...American's used to be like that.   Not all, but many...
Remember the Free-Speech movement of the '60's? Question Authority, etc.
Now speaking-up is discouraged, except for the banalities your leader's approve. And that goes for the left and the right.
A few days ago I heard Cindy being interviewed by (lightweight), Sean Hannity. It was so refreshing hearing her answer questions asked!  
God! If more people were willing to suspend their pre-packaged beliefs and just let the flow-of-information take them were it will.
I often quote the hypnotist I met who told me, "Joe, putting people in a trance is less difficult than getting them out of the one they're in! 

Oscar Wilde once observed that critical remarks, i.e., drop dead, etc. can be much more relied upon to be sincere than supportive one's.
 Do you REALLY believe that persons really want you to, "Have a nice day?"  Do you think politico's have magical-powers, capable of, PRAYING FOR YOU?  If God is listening to anybody, I'm sure it's not our smarmy leaders. 
On TV, they are scrolling the images and histories of the many victims. 
They are so young and full of accomplishment. It reminds me of the soldier-victims of the War.
During the Civil War, WW I and II, MOTHER'S played a huge part as advocates for PEACE.
Children, our son's and daughter's  are a vested interest.
Cindy Sheehan learned the hard way. 
How terrible and predictable that the Politico's are using this and other tragedy's in their quest to win and/or hold,  cool-jobs.
Theatre Reviews
I like what John Edwards said a while back...
"No matter who wins this thing, "we" (the candidates) are going to do just fine."

No truer words were ever spoken. 
It has never been a more prudent thing than to look out for your own, personal intrerests.

Read Ayn Rand's, The Virtue of selfishness.
Also, google: Neo-Tech: Frank Wallace.

And remember...
People who say, "Power to the people!" mostly, ALWAYS MEAN...Power to the people who, say, "Power to the people!"  
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Aleister Crowley
Oscar Wilde
Gentle Readers,

My most important lessons I learned from these  gentlemen...along with other like minded folk.
Don't know what to do? 
Unless you are "fortunate/unfortunate" enough to hear voices.  You might as well listen to, or, rather, move towards and attempt to satisfy your own personal desires.

I am dedicating my site to this philosophy. If you, too, are so inclined; contact me and I will post your rants. 
We really must find each other and fulfill each other's needs, don't you think?

PS: The rest of my site is full of 
Yes, at one time I thought it might be helpful to be involved.
I finally became convinced of that folly. Sincere reformers come to a bad-end.

For instance...who had the more pleasant and 
long-life? Jesus...or, the guy who sold the nails?
Joan of Arc, or the match-salesman.

Get it???  Of course, if you want to sacrifice yourself for others, that's fine, too. 
Bertrand Russell
"I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong."
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole  of the Law."
I love EVERYTHING Wilde said...I can't choose. Joe
Shoudn't EVERYBODY in the 
Village be 
entitled to Marry?

Yes, I know what Leviticus says...
But, have you read the line from,
Tennessee Williams
Night of the Iguana?
Where do you stand on Gay Marriage?
"Nothing human disgusts 
me unless   it is cruel, or    unkind."
Gentle Readers,

Please make your comments, here!  I really don't mind what you say...   just be SINCERE.  

Not to say I'm adverse to compliments! As Sally Fields said, 

"You like really like me!"    Joe

I LOVE the outfits Laure Dhue wears...those FOX-NEWS guys really know how to make me watch!   Joe

As my site wanders away from topics-political... I've really lost interest! 

I am delving into subjects I find interesting. I've always liked culture, literature, dogs, theatre and SEX!

That, (sex) has been a daily, (moment by moment) preoccupation since I was 12 or so...

My own personal sexual history is not too dramatic. I didn't even have "sex" until I was 18! The reason being...none of my girl-friends (up to that time) would allow me. The (lucky?) girl's name was, Madelyn... I remember it vividly! I'd bet "dollars to donuts" that she remembers the VERY brief encounter NOT at all!  

Gays are asked to come out of the closet. I'd like to challenge my fellow-straights to come out of our, Sock-drawers.
Nothing is more exhilarating than being oneself. 
I am certain most of you have never heard of Wilhelm Reich. I became intrigued 
by his theories when I read: Listen Little Man. 
Alleviating Human suffering through sexuality became his passion and quest.  
Perhaps because of this, he was arrested and died in prison.
 Dr. Reich just barely missed the sexual revolution of the 1960's by about 5 years.
I encourage all of you to come out of the closet, or in the case of straights, to come
out of your sock-drawers.   Joe Mack

Jessica England won the caption contest!  
"A true cat-asstrophy!"

We, (all of us) have our deal-breakers.

Personally, I live my life based on the statutes implied in 
the great quote by author, Tennessee Williams

"Nothing human disgusts me unless it is cruel or unkind." 

So, as a dog lover, rescuer and owner, I am disgusted 
by Michael Vick's history.

For you (forgiving) Christians out there, (and I'm NO expert)
 there's a line in the New Testament that says, "Sins against 
the Holy Spirit are not forgiven."

My understanding is that those who betray and lead astray 
(in this case, dogs) will find no mercy.

The Humane Society and the Philadelphia Eagle's owners should also be condemned.The former for asking Vick to be  their
 spokesman, the latter for (I guess) getting a quarter-back at a discount. 

Though I've no special-powers (that I'm aware of), I wish them both my most severe damnation's. IF Karma was real, the streets would be ankle deep in blood. 

As Oscar Wilde said, "Where the good are rewarded and the evil punished is the definition of, FICTION."   Joe Mack
IF Michael Vick and a Pit-Bull were drowning...and you 
could only save one.

Let me put it another way...

If Michael Vick and a Pit-Bull were drowning...and you could save, "both" what would you do?
Stalin said the main purpose of propaganda was not to change people’s minds, but to create societal “norms”. 

Then anyone who thinks or says anything outside these “norms” will appear to be “fringe” and “crazy” to the masses who will then ridicule them back inside societal boundaries, or turn them in to the “authorities” for re-education.
Hmm, doesn't our Country sound a bit like that?
After reading my web-site, please sign my
 Guest Book and say something nice. 

Well, if you must be critical, be interesting!
Calling all Ghosts!!! 

I am recently, 60. And though in good-health am conscious that sooner than later I will, "Belly-flop into the abyss!!

Before I go, I am interested in the disposition/s of some people whom I either dated
or knew decades ago.  Knowing the  power of GOOGlE, I am going to list their names and hope they stumble into me and respond.

Shelley Morrison, Hoover High School,
Sandy Spring, Timonium Maryland,
Ed Goldman, Colleen Mc Bride, Lakewood High School.

The Peanut Gallery, House of Orphalese, House of Zaccheus, Long Beach CA.

That's about it. 
As I get older, I find it easier to fall asleep. In my youth I tossed and turned with high-anxiety! Life, death, eternity, not to mention all the World's problems filled my consciousness. 

Now? I don't really give a god-damn and care much more about my own personal comfort, "and" any random Dog.

As I'm apt to say, if a dog was drowning and a Man and I could "only" save one, I'd rescue the dog.

If I could safely save, "both?" Well, I would have to be personally acquainted with the Human to see if he were worthy.

Please forgive a vulgarity, but, I read a great truth recently. 

Most of us, (and I'm not excluding myself) SHOULD have been a blow-job and not an actualized Being.